When Can I use a Deposit Bond?


We are able to issue Deposit Bonds to purchasers who are: -


1.                Purchasing off-the-plan up to 48 months

2.                Purchasing by Private Treaty

3.                Purchasing at Auctions

4.                Simultaneously selling & purchasing properties.


Who is Eligible to apply for a Deposit Bond?


If you can demonstrate the ability to settle the property you wish to purchase, you will be eligible for a Deposit Bond.

How quickly can I get a Deposit Bond Approved?


Upon receiving your application and all supporting documentation, a short term bond (up to 6 months), can usually be issued within 3-4 hours; and a long term bond within 24 hours.

We can arrange for the Deposit Bond to be sent direct to your solicitor for prompt exchange of contracts.


For more information about deposit bonds or for an individual quote, please call (02) 9434 2460.