What do Gainsworth Loans Offer?

We provide a wide range of loan products to suit every borrowers needs, including alternatives for the self-employed.


Our loans have all the necessary features that allow you to save time and money. You will be able to manage your loans on a daily basis and have the flexibility to: -

    •  Deposit your salary, rental and any other regular income directly into your loan

    •  Make unlimited redraws at NO COST

    •  Choose flexible repayment options

    •  Access your loan accounts via our website or telephone

    •  Create and name as many loan sub-accounts (to differentiate between tax and non-tax deductible uses) as you require.

    •  Convert your loan into a day-to-day transaction account with the LinkLoan Mastercard facility and withdraw cash, pay your bills and make purchases. Conditions, Fees & Charges apply.


We look forward to assessing your personal situation and showing you how you will benefit with a Gainsworth loan.


For more information or to discuss how you can implement your optimal mortgage structure, please call (02) 9966 9166.

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